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With the terror threat becoming increasingly complex and varied, police are calling on communities to act on their instincts to help prevent atrocities taking place in the UK and overseas.
The message is clear - ‘don’t worry, don’t delay, just act’ by: reporting suspicious activity to the police by calling confidentially on 0800 789 321 or at 
reporting online terrorist and violent extremist material online
remaining alert at home, work and when out and about.
we can all play a part.

Stay Safe

Public guidance for firearms and weapons attacks released.

An information film that provides advice on the steps to take to keep safe in the event of a firearms or weapons attack has been released to the public today by National Counter Terrorism Policing.


Report illegal or harmful information, pictures or videos you’ve found on the internet. You can make your report anonymously.
You can report material such as: 
articles, images, speeches or videos that promote terrorism or encourage violence, content encouraging people to commit acts of terrorism websites made by terrorist or extremist organisations
videos of terrorist attacks.

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