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Sharon Ross

I served as a Police Officer with Northumbria Police for 30 years, most of which I worked within crime investigation and public protection units serving the communities of the North East.

In 2010 I transferred my safeguarding experience and skills to the department responsible for the Force delivery of the Prevent Strategy, raising awareness across statutory front-line services within six local authority areas.  It is in this department that I started working with my colleague, Peter Thompson, working together with statutory partners to safeguard and support individuals deemed vulnerable to radicalisation.


The introduction of the Prevent Duty in 2015 placed a statutory duty across key sectors including Local Authorities, Health, Education and Police, where  I was instrumental in the coordination and implementation of the duty with statutory partners, strengthening relations around the safeguarding of individuals deemed to be at risk of radicalisation. 

On retiring from Policing, I teamed up again with Peter and 'Safervision' was launched, continuing delivery of our expertise of Prevent to support statutory bodies and communities with this sometimes complex subject matter.

In addition to the numerous training courses I attended during my Policing career, I also obtained NCFE qualifications in Mental Health Awareness (levels 1 & 2) and Pro-Qual Certificate in Teaching, Training and Assessment (Level 3).

I am also an associate with the College of Policing working as a facilitator with the  National Channel Hydra Team, delivering on-going 'Channel' training across statutory bodies around the United Kingdom.

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